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"At 6 days Postpartum, I saw something in the mirror I never expected to see ever again in my life: ABS!" "Thank You Reach!"

Reformer Pilates

What is the reformer? The reformer uses springs, pulleys and your own body weight to create a versatile workout. Exercises are done lying down, standing, sitting, pulling the straps and pushing off of the foot bar. The exercises promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. You will learn to engage your core during every exercise on the reformer. A strong core will help to alleviate back pain and keep you standing tall. Pilates will create long, lean muscles, flat abs and great posture.

Overall Strength and Flexibility

Coordination, and Balance

You May See Muscle Tone and Feel Stronger in a Shorter Time

You Can Regulate the Tension with Reformer Pilates


The jumpboard is an attachment that converts a reformer into a horizontal jumping machine. It fixes to the front of the reformer where the footbar is located. While lying with your back on the carriage you can adjust the spring tension and jump on the board as if it were the floor.

Get Your Heart Rate Up While Lying Down

Enjoy Low Impact Benefits

Increase Your Stamina and Reduce Fatigue

Burn Calories Like a Warrior

Chair and Mixed Equipment

Mix and match your fitness in this “anything goes” Pilates class featuring chair and mixed equipment  or whatever the instructor feels is right! Fun and fierce!

Challenging, Full-Body Workout

Stress Buster

Not for 1st time Reformer clients



Find your best fit

How do you get started? If you are ready to explore the many amazing benefits of Pilates, we suggest you purchase a 10 pack of private sessions or a 10 pack of group classes.

Private Pilates


One on one instruction. We will cater your session to meet your specific needs. Flexibility, long, lean muscles, balance, tight back, injury recovery, core, core, core, we’ve got you covered!

New Clients Only
  • $99

    2 Private Sessions


Private sessions are a great way to begin Pilates. Purchasing a bundle will allow our instructors to have the time needed to assess your strength and weaknesses with all the exercises and to tailor routines to meet your specific needs and fitness goals. A private session may include Matwork, use of the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, barrels and other apparatus may also be included.

  • $700

    10 Private Pilates Sessions

Group Pilates Classes

Reformer, Jumpboard, Chair and Mixed Equipment
  • $25

    Group Pilates Intro Class

  • $160

    5 Group Pilates Sessions

  • $300

    10 Group Pilates Sessions

Monthly Auto Pay Options

Get Your Pilate Classes Jump Started!

Sign up for Monthly Auto Pay Options

  • $99

    Four Classes A Month

  • $180

    Eight Classes Per Month

  • $250

    Unlimited A Month